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All employees should, in some way or another, be involved in the formulation of organizational strategy. The final company strategy should then be owned and wholeheartedly supported by everyone who has to implement it.

There is no reason why the employees of any company (including the shop-floor), should not think and behave like the executive management, as well as the shareholders; and be dedicated business partners.


Below is a summary of our diverse and well developed value offering.

We are really good at:

  • Facilitating Strategy Planning Sessions, and managing the Strategy Formulation process.
  • Getting your Corporate Strategy to become a vibrant axis around which revolves all executive decisions, as well as daily company operations.
  • We then get your strategy to be embraced by all staff (including the shop-floor), to drive the company’s performance, and to shape the company’s culture.


  • We’re experts at getting your employees (including the shop-floor) to embrace the Company’s Vision, live the Organizational Values, and implement the Drivers of Success.
  • Our programs are designed to win employee hearts and minds to your company and its business.
  • We conduct employee engagement or satisfaction surveys.

What we do best:

  • We create team work and camaraderie among the executive, and other management tiers of the company.
  • We have expertise in coaching different types of teams towards significant performance improvement.
  • We facilitate Total Employee Motivation, Inspiration, and Engagement (including at shop-floor level).


  • Our team has achieved much success in the development of Outstanding Leadership qualities, and Effective Management skills within Middle, Junior, and Line Managers.
  • We also help with the fund raising for, setting-up, as well as the management of Employee Share Ownership Schemes, should the need arise.

All hands, hearts, and minds, united in purpose, as well as cohesive in effort, make light work, and create a world class business enterprise.

The Good Life Creed

We create in your employees (including the shop-floor),
teamwork, an entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for their job,
and a deep love for their company.


Our dedication towards helping the client exceed their performance targets will astound you. Our commitment towards fulfilling the client’s wish-list will inspire you.

We are a network of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of Strategy Consulting, Leadership Coaching, Organizational Development, Organizational Culture, Personal Development, Motivation and Inspiration, and Human Resources.

We develop in your middle and junior managers
the vital skill and indispensable ability to bring
out the very best out of their teams. So they can
excel and flourish in their positions of leadership.


Legae Phahlane is a family man, a visionary, and an entrepreneur who completely loves South Africa along with all its amazing people.

He studied Economics at Stanford University (California, USA). He then spent many years working as a Management Consultant, an Investment Banker, and a Private Equity Executive before starting GOOD LIFE, together with a few associates.

What our clients say about us:

Congratulations on your exciting GOOD LIFE initiative! I am extremely pleased that you approached Pick n Pay, as the message that you are getting out there is one that we completely support and believe in, and promote!

Jonathan Ackerman , Director, Pick n Pay

Legae’s dedication, diligence, passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to service excellence, has made Good Life our best service provider, by far!

Good Life released the vast potential of our workers, and unlocked the value of our shop-floor!

Rachelle Nagel, Managing Director, Fedics

Legae’s high quality program/presentations motivated our staff to give their very best to their jobs, tasks, and responsibilities within our organization, because doing so would ultimately allow them to enjoy the GOOD LIFE! The message was really effective!

Prof. Nick Binedell , Dean and Founder, GIBS

“I deeply and sincerely appreciated the value, in Legae’s program, of getting our staff to understand the VISION of our organization, and for  them to work, everyday, towards the achievement  of this vision!”

Prof. Nick Binedell, Dean and Founder, GIBS

Within weeks of implementing the Good Life Program, there was a rejuvenated sense of camaraderie, and unprecedented cohesion within our management and shop-floor team. Our patient satisfaction scores improved by an impressive 4.5%. Legae understood the importance of assisting us to achieve our business objectives.

Dr. Tebogo Mphake , Hospital Manager, Life Healthcare

“After the GOOD LIFE program, there was a 1) sharp decline in absenteeism; 2) we maintained an 80% client satisfaction score, 3) three staff members were immediately promoted as a result of increased motivation and productivity. Wow! Our employees are actually excited to be at work!

Henry van Rooyen, District Manager, Fedics

Our Community Service Initiative:

Our motivational talks develop in our young
audiences a burning desire for massive success!

A change in thinking and behaviour leads to maximum usage of personal talents, thus enabling the individual to reach the ultimate heights of dream realisation and goal achievement.

Our Community Service Initiative:
Our motivational talks develop in our young
audiences a burning desire for massive success!
A change in thinking and behaviour leads to maximum usage of personal talents, thus enabling the individual to reach the ultimate heights of dream realisation and goal achievement.


We give regular inspirational talks to high school learners in and around Johannesburg, as well as the surrounding townships. Our topics focus on making self-improvement and personal development skills, knowledge, techniques, and resources, available to all; free-of-charge.

Our engagement with the youth is motivated by our aspirations to fundamentally change the lives of ordinary South Africans, so as to fundamentally improve the South Africa we all live in.

“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper cultivation of its youth.”


  • Our motivational speeches inspire, give hope, and ignite the flames of ambition.
  • We share with our young audiences, the building blocks of success, as well as the formula for realising great life achievements.
  • We have a conviction that all South African youth, irrespective of their background, or current circumstances, or their race, have within them the ability, as well as the capability to achieve beyond all expectations.
  • The overwhelming feedback we get from teachers and principals is unanimous: “Your words have had a huge impact on our learners. You really make a difference in how they think and behave!”

To sum it all up:

We get your employees to come to work to build a successful company, that they enjoy working for.

And this is the road towards everybody in the organization living the GOOD LIFE.


Talk to us, tell us your wish-list, let’s show you what we can do for you.

Let’s bring new values to your people

Reach out to us below and we’ll contact you