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Our fantastic presentations

Each week, Good Life gives memorable, fantastic, life enriching, presentations/seminars to various communities at community halls, government and business institutions, universities, colleges, and schools.
Since starting in October 2013, Good Life has given presentations/seminars to over 10,000 workers, as well as university, college, and high school students, on various topics within personal development and self-improvement.
We have given presentations/seminars at Damelin Colleges (1000 students), Rosebank College (600 Students), University of Johannesburg (600 students), and over 10 high schools in Soweto and the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg.
The Good Life presentations/seminars are based on the more than 1000 topics within our 11 module Good Life Programme.

You become what you think

  •    The Presentation is around 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  •    The Presentation is very interactive through Videos, Shout Outs, and Incantations (Motivational        Songs)!
  •    The Presentation will:
    •    Expose the audience to, as well as help them understand The Law of Becoming (which    means that the reality we experience is shaped by the thoughts we keep!
    •    Expose the audience to, as well as discuss The Laws of Positivity and Negativity!
    •    Discuss the Dynamics of Attitude and State of Mind!
    •    Help the audience to understand the phenomenal Power of Positive Thinking!
    •    Teach the audience exercises and techniques of Maintaining Positive Thoughts!
    •    Show the audience how thoughts actually shape and determine a person’s achievements and    performance in life, because thoughts:
      •       Determine our overall FOCUS in life,
      •       Shape specific ACTIONS we take from day-to-day,
      •       Influence our general BEHAVIOUR towards situations and challenges!

    With Self Confidence; you can get what you want!

  •    The Presentation is around 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  •    The Presentation is very interactive through Videos, Shout Outs, and Incantations (Motivational        Songs)!
  •    The Presentation will:
    •    Define Confidence as well as Self Confidence
    •    Show how the lack of self confidence can truly harm a person’s life.
      •    Illustrate how Self Confidence affects personality and character.
    •    Show the important association between Self Confidence and Self Image.
      •    Illustrate how Self Image affects Mental Attitude!
      •    Illustrate how Self Image drives ambition and aspiration!
    •     Discuss the importance of Self Confidence to setting in motion the very important
          "Success Cycle!" (See below)
    •    Show the audience habits that can destroy Self Confidence, and how to avoid them.
    •    Show the audience practices that build self confidence and how to turn these valuable    practices into habits.

    PERSONAL POWER! Is the Key to Living the Best Life!

  • The Presentation is around 2-3 hours.
  • The Presentation is very interactive through Videos, Activities, and Exercises!
  • The Presentation will show the audience how Personal Power will:
    • Endow them with behaviour and habits that are beneficial, life enriching, bring joy and happiness into their lives (and the lives of others)!
    • Increase their self-worth and give them high levels of individual value!
    • Maximise their individual contribution to, and value add to their employer!
    • Maximise their individual gain/profit from their employer!
  • The Presentation will help attendees to understand and appreciate the following important        definitions used above:
    • Beneficial and Life Enriching Behaviour!
      • Bringing out the best in other people (at home and particularly at work)!
      • Bringing out the best in you (at home and particularly at work)!
      • Making the most of daily experiences, situations, and circumstances that are a part of life!
      • Ultimately living the BEST LIFE!
    • High Self-Worth and Maximum Individual Value!
      • Substance: Others listen to you! Your words have weight and meaning! Your speech is persuasive and convincing!
      • Value: Others (family, friends, colleagues, and organizations) need you in their lives! You are indispensable! Others cannot do without you!
      • Authority: You are worthy of being followed! You are worthy of being willingly obeyed! You have the ability to take people or organizations to destinations they cannot reach without you?
    • Maximum Value Add to Employers!
      • Meeting and exceeding expectations!
    • Maximum gain from employers!
      • Getting paid what you want!
    • The Presentations will teach the attendees/audience, and share with them the following precious techniques of “How to Build their Personal Power”:
      •     Impressing people who are very important in YOUR life!
      •     Developing a genuine million rand SMILE!
      •     Controlling and managing your emotions. Controlling and managing your stress!
            How to be calm and at ease whenever you want!
      •     Satisfying in others, the three very important and universal psychological human     needs!
      •     Creating energy in other people!
      •     Making others embrace and support your ideas.
      •     Avoiding all forms of conflict and arguments.
      •     Helping others accept and acknowledge their weaknesses, mistakes and shortfalls.
      •     Helping others to change and grow.
      •     Making people to be very interested in YOU!
      •     Making people to be comfortable with YOU, at ease around YOU, and trust YOU!
      •     Making people feel worthy and valuable; making people feel good about themselves.
      •     Making people have the highest regard for YOU; appreciate YOU; and value YOU!
      •     Displaying the best behaviour towards others, and bringing out the best behaviour
            from others!
      •     Reacting appropriately to all situations; and never over reacting!

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