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Start or Join a Good Life Chapter

What is a Good Life Chapter?

  •  A Good Life Chapter is a group of people who:
    •     All aspire to 1) enrich their lives, 2) achieve great success, 3) make the most out of their     lives, 4) fulfil big dreams, 5) attain personal excellence, 6) and live the BEST LIFE!
    •     Have registered themselves as a Chapter.
    •     Meet once every week to discuss personal development and self-improvement     techniques/principles posted on the Good Life website and Facebook page.
  •     The Chapter may meet anywhere where it is convenient for members (each other’s houses,        coffee shop, park, etc.).
  •     Good Life Chapters are not political and not religious!
  •     Each Chapter will have a Chairperson who is elected by the Chapter members, and serves for        one year.
    •     The Chairperson must be approved by Good Life, to ensure that Chapters have leaders     possessing qualities that will facilitate good leadership of the Chapter.
  •     Each Chapter has a Deputy Chairperson who is elected by the chapter members, and also        serves for one year.
    •     The Deputy Chairperson must also be approved by Good Life
  •     Anybody can start a Good Life Chapter in their area of residence, place of work, or institution of        learning; and then recruit people to become members of the Chapter.
  •     Good Life Chapter members will be invited to all Good Life Events on personal development.
  • Good Life Chapter Leadership Responsibilities

  •     The Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson of each Chapter will assume the following        responsibilities:
    •     Make sure that the members are informed of the Day, Time, and Venue of every meeting.
    •     Establish a Chapter Register, in which the names and particulars of all the Chapter members      are recorded.
      •     Send the Chapter Register to Good Life for record keeping.
    •     Update the Chapter Register every three months, and send the updated Register to Good     Life.
    •     Bring the latest Good Life Article from the Website, and the latest posting from the Good Life     Facebook page to the Chapter Meeting, and make sure that every member has a copy.

    Good Life Chapter Meetings

  •     Each Chapter will write/compose a chapter song whose words are        meaningful/motivational/inspirational/encourage hard work and perseverance/inspire hope.
    •     The words for the Chapter Songs may be taken from the Good Life Facebook postings and     Website Articles.
    •     This Chapter Song will be recorded and then sent to Good Life for approval and record     keeping.
    •     A Chapter may have more than one Chapter Song if it so chooses (all of whom must be sent     to Good Life).
    •     The Chapter Song/s will be sung by members at the beginning as well as at the end of     Chapter meetings (to motivate and create a positive energy within the members).
    •     The Chapter Chairperson will direct and oversee the Chapter meeting to ensure order and     smooth proceedings.
    •     Each Chapter meeting will begin with the singing of one or two Chapter Songs.
    •     After the singing of the Chapter Song:
  •     The Facebook posting of the week will be read 3 times loud by three different members, and        then discussed by everybody.
  •     The longer Good Life Article taken from the Good Life website should only be read twice, and        then discussed.
  •     After the discussions, there will be a celebration of achievements, and encouragement through        challenges.
    •     Members who have realised significant achievements in their lives will announce these     achievements to everybody, and these achievements will be celebrated by everybody     through congratulatory hugs and handshakes.
    •     Members who are experiencing life challenges may share these challenges with the group,     and ask for advice/support to overcome these challenges.
    •     Members’ personal issues discussed during the Chapter meetings are strictly confidential,     and stay within the Chapter.
  •     After the Celebrations and Encouragements
    •     The next meeting Day, Time and Venue will be confirmed,
    •     And the meeting will be closed with the singing of a Chapter Song.
  •     During the Chapter meeting, the members will:
    •     Discuss personal development and self-improvement techniques/principles posted on the     Good Life website and Facebook page.
    •     Share ideas and thoughts of how to implement the Good Life content on Facebook and     website into their lives.
    •     Share latest personal experiences that are positive and inspirational.
    •     Share positive and inspirational life lessons.
    •     Seek advice from other members on challenges and difficulties being experienced.
  •     During the Chapter meeting, the members will encourage and motivate one another:
    •     Towards the achievement of their dreams and goals,
    •     Towards personal excellence,
    •     Towards living the BEST LIFE.

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