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About us

Good Life is a South African initiative whose aim is to make Personal Development and Self Improvement knowledge, techniques, and resources, available to all; free-of-charge. Visit our Facebook page; start or join a Good Life Chapter; read our Good Life Articles, in order to enjoy the tremendous benefits of Good Life!

Where we are going

Our vision is to fundamentally change the lives of ordinary South Africans, so as to fundamentally improve the South Africa we all live in!
We believe that everybody, irrespective of their history, or current circumstances, has within them the ability, as well as the capability to live the best life.
Our mission is therefore to make readily available and easily accessible, personal-development and self-improvement knowledge which anybody can apply to themselves and their lives, in order to change their attitude as well as change their behaviour.
An improvement in attitude and behaviour will allow any individual to use all their personal resources/talents in the best possible ways, and so enable them to reach the ultimate heights of personal advancement, life improvement, dream realisation, goal achievement, and individual success.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude!"
William James

Our people

Legae Phahlane was born in Diepkloof, Soweto. In the late 80's while in his teens, Legae left South Africa to finish his high school at Phillips Exeter Academy; a top class private school in New Hampshire, on the east coast of the United States.
The icy winters of New Hampshire led Legae to pursue his higher education studies at an institution in a part of the US with a more clement weather; and that was at Stanford University, in sunny California!
In 1995 Legae graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor's degree in Economics; a very big dream whose fulfilment left a very sweet taste in the collective mouth of the entire family.
Legae then returned to South Africa, and started working briefly as a management consultant. Management Consulting not being as exciting as he thought it would be, Legae entered the world of investment banking. He worked for many years as an equity analyst, and then as a private equity executive; first for a major Swiss Banking Corporation, and then for a large, listed South African financial services company.
In 2010, Legae saw the need for making personal development and self improvement knowledge accessible to ordinary South Africans, and so Good Life was founded.
Legae Phahlane is married with 4 children! He enjoys South African wildlife; he is hopelessly patriotic, and will put his money, any day, on his belief that the country's beautiful people have what is takes to make South Africa GREAT!

More on Good Life

Good Life was conceived after the realization that most personal development seminars are very expensive to attend, and that most books on personal development are also very expensive to buy. Similarly, personal development professionals such as clinical psychologists, life coaches, therapists, councillors, have very high consulting fees. So, the majority of average South Africans do not have access to the benefits of these seminars, books, and professionals who can help them improve the quality of their lives.
Working together with a team of the most competent Personal Development professionals South Africa can offer, (clinical psychologists, life coaches, therapists, counsellors, social workers, etc.), we have thus spent two years compiling a one-of-a-kind Good Life Programme, for purposes of making the vast and very valuable personal development knowledge accessible to all South Africans through public presentations and the mass media.
Our very unique and one-of-a-kind Good Life Programme comprises 11 modules: Self Awareness and Character; Emotions; Positive Thinking, Motivation and Inspiration; Decision Making; Self Actualization; Habits, Attitude and Behaviour; Leadership; Self Esteem and Self Worth; Relationship Management; Stress Management; Time Management and Productivity.
The 11 modules of the Good Life Programme contain over 1000 Personal Development topics that deal with over 3000 crucial life issues. The Good Life Programme (along with its topics and issues) is derived from the best, internationally acclaimed Personal Development, Self-Improvement, as well as Life and Lifestyle Enrichment books, lectures, theories, techniques, principles, etc.
The Good Life Programme will help anyone exposed to its content realise the following:

  •    Grasp key life enriching personal development concepts/principles being discussed/explored,
  •    Witness how other people have successfully applied these life enriching concepts/principles in       their lives,
  •    Internalize the tools and techniques surrounding the application of these life enriching       concepts/principles in day-to-day life,
  •    Be inspired and motivated to achieve greater things in life.
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